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How can I use imgix with webflow?


I’ve used imgix on previous sites and I must say it delivers huge benefits for control and optimization. Is there a solution for using Imgix with webflow?

This is going to be a big deciding factor for me to start building sites here. Would love feedback on how others deal with image optimization.


Webflow already does responsive images

Thanks Sam,

I totally see this, and it’s a great start point, I just think that something like imgix has a huge set of features that really boosts what one can do with images.

As an example and something I use often is focal point settings. Being able to set what should always be in frame.

Also, on the fly cropping to serve the perfect sized image for various aspect ratios. Just a whole set of features and the overall workflow is really a pleasure to work with.

I know this may be a little out of scope for webflow, but for me there are these little details that make it hard to switch.

I would love to be able to fully embrace and move over to webflow.