Using an image processor (imgix) with Webflow?

You’ve sent out such a lovely newsletter today pointing me toward this blog:

And I f**cking love it! So much, I want to recreate it in Webflow. But as I wondered how their image resizing is so optimized I saw they use to scale images on the fly.

I dug a bit into the details and if I want to use ImgIX I need to use external image processing on Amazon S3. So, then I ran into a wall, because I cannot override the Webflow image libary, or can I?

Two questions:

  1. Can we use a service such as ImgIx (or Kraken)
  2. If not, how can I create a website in WF that displays images like The Great Discontent (without scaling / skewing / cropping images)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


What I would love to see in Webflow, more than again another monthly subscription, is Webflow handling the automatic processing of images for all breakpoints!


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