The <picture> element and Webflow


Will webflow support the element any time soon, for responsive images??

I was reading the below article and its definitely something i could use on my sites.


Hi @Amreet_Gill, thanks for the question. The answer is maybe in the future, but it would have a low priority over some of the other updates we are working on, and even if we did have this as an element right now, that you could drop into the page, the browser support is extremely limited (currently not available in Firefox, IE or Safari, but dev work ongoing), so it might not be that useful. You can get responsive images now with the current feature set in Webflow, using CSS.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks for the reply @cyberdave

Is their a tutorial on responsive images using Webflow with CSS on this site or on the forum somewhere.
I did a search and couldn’t find anything specific on the forum.

I will post a question about this later on in the week, as i have a scenario with one of my sites where i need to have a logo automatically resize itself when the display window shrinks vertically.


Having support for scrset would greatly improve both speed and user experience for sites built with Webflow.

Hello! Any update on srcset support?

Hi, +1 here for srcset support please!

And another request for srcset support!

See also this article on the new open source tool, Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator:

i second this request!!!