How can I transfer a domain from one Webflow account to another webflow account?

Hello everyone.
My friend bought me a domain name and gave me the editor for one year as a birthday gift. I think he managed to transfer the editor to my account. But now we also need to transfer the domain to my account.
Does anyone have a tutorial or is there a step-by-step list I can follow?

Thanks for the help,

Hi Nima, Webflow doesn’t provide for registering domains, and does not link domains to accounts, so there isn’t any transfer you need to do.

As long as (a) that domain is configured to point to Webflow’s servers, and (b) it’s not already configured on a published website, it will be available for you to add to your website.

All of the instructions on that, and the DNS config, are on Webflow’s hosting page for you.