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How can I smooth out my search bar interaction?

Hi everyone
Would love it if you could take a look at the search bar I’ve been putting together.
It’s only on the blog post template for now. I want to get it working right before I turn it into a symbol and put it on every page :slight_smile:.
I’ve got it opening when clicking the magnifying glass. That’s great. Unfortunately, the :mag: image moves down a bit as well as moving the blog post down.
I’m guessing it’s to do with positioning or maybe not enough room in the nav bar?
I’ve been messing around with it but I just can’t find it.
Could you help out?
Thanks so much!

Screencast link:

Webflow link:

Here is my public share link: LINK


Simple - get rid of the ‘search input nav bar’ margin/ not it is set to 10 px, make it 0

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Thanks! So I did that and it’s still moving down :thinking:. Doesn’t look like we quite found it yet. I did think you had.

Sorry, I missed something… :expressionless:

What you need to do is to set the “search” Div flex layout the same that shows in the attach image.

Thanks! I changed the flex layout like you showed. It didn’t fully work. I added a fixed height to the ‘search’ div of 40px. That ended up solving it fully. I think there just wasn’t enough room for all the elements, that’s why they were pushed down.
It’s working now :slight_smile: . Thanks for the help!