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Could I have one section for desktop and one for mobile?

Sometimes the mobile design differs a lot from the desktop one, so I thought about creating the 2 layouts in different sections and hide one when the other should appear.

Is this a ‘correct’ idea?

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You can do that, but I recommend checking your styles through the different breakpoints, sometimes is just a matter to take into account things like elements being absolute instead of relative or the size of those elements.

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Yeah, I think that too. The thing is that there some really granular changes that makes the whole work a bit more tedious hiding each one of them and all that.

But yeah I was worried about the performance. I don’t think it could make a lot of problems, but it’s the first time I consider it since starting using Webflow.

Well if you create other sections that only appear in your mobile version you shouldn’t have any performance issues because, if I remember correctly, the system doesn’t load elements not visible in that breakpoint.

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That’s on Webflow only or in any website in general?

Should be any site, Webflow is just the tool that allows you to create a site using standard technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript.