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How can I disable a link block?

I have a lot of link blocks and I want to get rid of the “linking”. Is there anyway do that simply or do I have to delete it and start a new type block instead?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a quick way to ‘delink’ an element at the moment, so here’s what you can do:

  1. Drag in a new Block element next to your link block
  2. Move all everything that’s inside the Link Block to the new Block (it’s easier if you do it in the Navigator tab)
  3. Apply the same classes (if any) to the new Block (this will get all the styles)
  4. Delete the Link Block

I know this process sucks, and we’re investigating how to quickly link/delink elements in the UI (so you can do what you need, as well as the reverse where you have a predesigned Block that you want to turn into a link).


thanks @callmevlad. And yep it would be a neat little feature!