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Dynamically changing video URL

How can I dynamically change the video URL by clinking a link block or link text? I have several link blocks in a slider and would like to play the clicked video link on the video player.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


please give us a webflow link so we can see your project

@PixelGeek Thanks for the response. Here’s the link:

In want to pass a video url to the main player and automatically play the video if the link button Video 1, 2 or 3 is selected. The three video buttons will hold different video urls.


@bussambule there’s no way of doing this with current functionality in Webflow. I’m sure there is a script that can be written > when you click on this button then this url will be plugged into the video embed. But it’s not straightforward.

We do want to add a tab-based slider to our add library that would solve something like this.

@thesergie I was able to do it via custom code.

Hi @bussambule, could you please share your solution?
@thesergie, is there any new solution for this in Webflow?