How can I add sounds to buttons?

Hi guys,

I might like webflow a tiny bit too much, since I try to fullfill all my needs with webflow :smiley:
I want to add sounds to buttons. I do not know how to. Can somebody help me with this?

I guess I add custom css that asigns mp3s to classes on hover or click?

Thank you so much for your time.

It’s not possible within Webflow (oh thanks God, thanks… :wink: ) or with HTML/CSS, but with Javascript.

Tons of possibilities!


Why would you not want to play a sound when a button is clicked… like - for the sight impaired? I would like for someone to click a button and hear a sound of a word being pronounced. I know you were being snarky… but, hmmm… nm.

Sorry, yes, it was a joke, I referred to the beginning of the web with a lot of sound abuses. You’re right, it has some appropriate uses.

Didn’t mean to come off so crappy (I re-read my post - eeeks) - my apologies. I’m just annoyed that I can’t do it inside of Webflow is all. I was writing in the heat of the moment!! I appreciate your response to an 8 month old post. Too bad we didn’t get in to a huge heated debate, though… would have been more fun. Next time, I guess. :wink:

No worries, I do that too, I know the feeling :smiley:

Yes, so much for the huge debate right?

You should be able to set some re-usable things with custom code, like a sound attached to a link with certain classes. If it’s for accessiility matters, this should require a minimum of work I guess.

I’ll keep digging! Thanks for the info.