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Audio Play On Image Hover

What’s the simplest way to get audio to play and pause and play and pause as you hover and hover off of an image, inside webflow? I want to help my friend who is an audio engineer represent sound in his website this way. I want to hook this up to the CMS potentially to simplify things for him as he adds new sounds and images in the future.

Any Info helps, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

only know how to do the on click. maybe a simple change instead of an on click to on hover will work in the code. Definitely, not a code expert but with help from @samliew and @PixelGeek have managed to integrate some cool js scripts into webflow projects. This was a mockup for a possible client working site - the script is viewable on page with SEO details.

This one also has the coded CMS slider. You helped find a simpler solution for.


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Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: I will check this out for sure! Just starting to learn JS myself actually.