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How can I add products without prices?

Hello all,

First of all thank you in advance for the help.
I am creating a website for the company and I am set to present a pitch for Webflow.
In the website we want to display products with product page and divided into categories but not as an e-commerce store. We do not display the prices of our products online and the only way to purchase our product is to contact us and speak with our sales team (it is a highly customisable product).

The only presets for products I can find are linked to the e-commerce section and, therefore, a mandatory requirement of price and checkout.

Is my only option adding products as a CMS collection? such as blog posts or is there a better and elegant solution to this?

Thank you so much for the help and I am looking forward to the replies,

If you aren’t actually going to use other e-commerce features, using the CMS is the way to go. Will save money as you don’t need an e-commerce plan as well.

Products essentially are cms items with predefined fields, so you really wouldn’t lose anything but the things related to e-commerce like the cart.

Thank you so much.
But I have another question.
I want to display all of my products together as they are essentially colours and patterns, but I want the viewer to be able to sort out the products by category (or, in this case, the collection) without leaving the page.

Please see this link:

As you can see all of the products are meshed together but when you click the collection is automatically changes the products to the collection you want.

Is it possible to do replicate this or at least do something like this with CMS collections on webflow?

Thank you again for the support!

Definitely possible. Out of the box there is no Webflow feature for this, but you can use an integration like

Hi everyone,
I do have a similar question.

On the other-hand, if I use e-commerce (because I have some small products that I want to sell) but I don’t want to show the price for some other products (as I have highly customisable products as well), am I be able to do that, not showing the price?

Thank you in advance,

Hey @Vittorio_De_Marco Great question!

This is possible using Conditional Visibility. You can create a toggle custom field in your products that if enabled can hide the price in the UI. You may have to play around a bit with hiding other things like the add to cart button, etc.

Here is some information on the conditional visibility feature: Conditional visibility | Webflow University