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Create a product catalog with no e-commerce

hi guys, just wondering if it’s possible to have product catalog with let’s say 1,000 different products, but no e-commerce needed. A medical instrument company is asking if I can recreate their old website, and I’d like to do it in Webflow. Just don’t know if that’s possible. Or if there are some similar examples.

The site will be something similar to



Yes you can create a product catalogue in Webflow without e-commerce. You could just use a CMS collection with custom fields to input data.

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Hi @MikeMiello,

Just what @JSW said, it is possible. However, keep in mind, that if you want to reference categories/tags with each of those products you would have to do it manually. There is NO option at this time to reference a multi-reference field using a .csv upload file.

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thanks guys for explaining!

Hi @MikeMiello.
Do you need the ability for visitors to add products to a cart for a quote? No billing info will be required if you don’t need that. If so, we can help. Just let us know.


This is what I would like to do, add products to a cart for that to be sent as an enquiry to quote, is this possible?

Hi @millhouse.
Yes, this is possible with Foxy + Webflow. Feel free to send us your Webflow Read-only Link and info on your specific needs and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction: