How can I add a fixed whatsapp button to my website?

Hi All,
Majority of my customers use whatsapp and prefer to contact me through whatsapp. Is there a way to add a whatsapp button that will not disappear as user scrolls down in my webflow website?

I found elfsight which is not free and myAlice which is free but did not work when I tried. I am looking for a free solution.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Ali_U ! If it is just a button with a link you want to add, It can be done for free inside webflow.

If it is a messenger widget, I’m not sure if it is available for free…

I’ll be glad to take a look and fix this for you. Let’s connect

You can create a Fixed link-div, inside an image (ws logo) and in the link-div set a

I would recommend Chaty. You can add up to two chat channels (WhatsApp included) with the free plan and the widget will also appear for as long as the user is on your site.

I would recommend using Wa msg. You can Create Customs Links for free.