Chat component stays on top of the content even though it is hidden

Hello community :slight_smile:

I’m trying to resolve a problem I identified in a component that I added to the website to start a conversation by WhhatsApp.

When the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon that is fixed in the bottom right corner, I display a chat window that simulates the interaction with the attendant. By clicking on the “Continue chatting” button, the user is directed to the window that starts the conversation through WhatsApp.

Even though it is hidden when the website is loaded, on smaller screens (on a cell phone or tablet) the component remains on top of other elements, such as social media icons and also some footer links and this does not allow clicking on these elements to happen. because the component is positioned on top.

How can I resolve this?

Is there any native way in Webflow to solve this problem?

I would really appreciate the help of a more experienced collaborator on this.

The website preview is here:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Site