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Whatsapp/Chat Widget

Hi all,

I have a client who wants a chat widget installed into their site, specifically Whatsapp. Has anyone been able to successfully integrate Whatsapp into their webflow site? Is this even possible?


But wouldn’t the user have to have whatsapp? Bad idea (like relying on a messenger widget). It may be better to use a multi platform option widget. For example https://keyreply.com/chat/ or https://whatshelp.io/widget.

Over a billion do. If you want, you can share a link on your site, which web clicked will open whatsapp app or web. Yes the person needs a whatsapp/number to connect with you.

If you are looking for business integration you can’t to that on a webflow site. You would need a server and the WA API.



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I have lots of international clients that use WhatsApp click to chat and voice. They primarily use it because it is end-to-end encrypted and more secure than a typical online chat service. Also it is very popular in foreign countries where users get dinged for SMS usage and voice. Plus WhatsApp users already trust the service. Put it next to a form and you offered a preference, which can boost your sales / contacts.


Thank you so much! It is indeed for an international client, and they have a strong preference for Whatsapp.


Thanks for this. I think in so many cases it’ll just do, without needing to pay for the freemium services.

And indeed, so many markets have a solid, everyday relationship with WhatsApp, it basically replaces any other messaging option.

In Colombia for example, everyone from corporate offices to the countryside, from tweens to grandmas, uses WhatsApp. SMS, Messenger, etc, not so much.