How big/lenght for videobackground?

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For my new website I want to open with a video background. I am wondering, what is the uselly lenght/seconds what’s possible/normal for a video for loading? I have no idea…

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Hey! Great question.
Under 5mb, less than 20 seconds. Is the general rule of thumb and is what is used by most bigger companies using video backgrounds. Ideally a video 2-3mb is best.

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Thanks @jaidenleach. :slight_smile:

If I use a videobackground from vimeo, is there anyway that when the website loads, the video starts playing automaticly?

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You bet! You can achieve this using the custom embed code options on the Vimeo video page but not by using Webflow’s default video widget unfortunately.

Thanks for the sunshine! It’s pretty rainy here in Coastal British Columbia.

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Hi @jaidenleach,

I have another question again :-), is it tecnical possible to show a vimeo/youtube video on devices?

Look for my concept of a concept:

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grtzzz Corine

For bg, with autoplay? As far as I know, no. You should make a gif anim, that you set to show on devices instead of the video.

@jaidenleach I personally try to stay arnd 2mo and set the width from 800 to 1100.

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@vincent I pull off 1920x1080 with the right video optimization. If you look at the big guys like Google and Squarespace they have video backgrounds on some feature pages that are over 20 seconds long but are optimized so well to be under 5mb. It all depends on the amount of movement. 1600 is often the best size if you have an overlay to hide pixels. 1100 is tiny!! :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t know how you do that man haha! Handbrake is great to get your file size down if you are using raw video files. You need to use a background image fallback for devices @Corine which is done with a full width and height div underneath the video. You’ll likely find it easiest to control video size by using raw video files in an embed block rather than Vimeo. :smile:

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Yup that’s exactly how I do it. Works very well. Handbrake can get good quality 20-30 sec video in just 3 MB.


@rowan Isn’t it amazing how good handbrake is? Never stops surprising me.

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I’ve been using it for years already ha ha! It’s a very good tool.

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@rowan yea it’s one of my fav tools.

@vincent @rowan @jaidenleach

Thanks a lot, however it’s sounds a little bit like chinese for me yet. I go work with this info, but probebly I come with questions or the question to hire you to do that for me.

For now I first have to wait on a proposal from the videomaker.

For @rowan, I go at work with your “waiters” template!

Thanks gentlemen, sunny grtzzz Corine

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Sure, let me know if it works out. And if you need help, dan kan je me altijd e-mailen :smile:

And also I’m always interested to see what you create from the templates. If you have the possibility, share the live link !

Hallo Rowan,

Dank je wel! Ik ga heel hard aan het werk, zag dat Vincent me net een beschrijving gepost had.

Ja, ik ga uiteindelijk ook de website hier laten zien, maar dat zal nog wel ff duren :-). Ik denk dat het de Kleurigste site wordt die tot nu toe in webflow is gemaakt.

Thanks for support,
Groetjes Corine

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