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What are optimal export settings for background videos? And how to make loop?

Hey guys,

I a have two questions. One, what are optimal export settings for a background video? I can’t get mine to be under 30mb and not blurry.

Also, how do I make it loop? Forums say it should loop but it’s not.

Looping doesn’t depend on the video file but how it’s embeded in the website. If you’re using Webflow’s bg video element it will loop.

As for the size you need a good video tool to get it under 30mb first. One good tool is Handbrake. After that, it’s trial and error with dimensions and compression to get it under the required size.

Also, a BG video is intended to be quite short, you may have a length issue. Don’t consider a bg video as a video that people should look at entirely, it’s meant for illustration. Also the size of the video will impact the weight.


Is there an optimal length? Mines at 40 seconds. Also, the BG video doesn’t
appear to be looping in preview.

Are visitors going to spend 40 seconds on that section? 40 sec for a bg video can be very long.


So I managed to cut down the video, which was a great suggestion! The problem is that the resolution is compressing bizarrely. Does anyone have a work around for this?

You can see here that Navigo part is quite blurry which is messing everything up:

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