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Background video without making site too heavy

Hello, community,

I’m above to start a project for a new Glamping in Costa Rica. I’d love to use a video that we will develop as a storyteller for the opening of the webpage. I was thinking something like this:

The thing is, I do not want to add 50+ MB video and slow down the page and also make the video loose quality. Is there any way I can accomplish this in webflow?

Btw, I am not sure if this is the right topic for this kind of question. Please correct m if necessary.

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Read close to the bottom of this article for tips and tricks on how to workaround large file sizes:

Webflow lets you upload background video files up to 30MB in size. Which seems like a lot — until you upload your latest video find! integrated their bg-video with use of an iframe and custom css styling.

Thanks I will go through the reading now.

Hello @Sebasgaes,

There are some tools that you can use to reduce the size of your videos without compromising quality and within webflow’s limit of 30mb for bg videos. I used to reduce a 780mb video down to 16mb and it doesn’t slow down my site. I hope this helps.