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How add comments to page How add comments separately for each page with the ability to moderate each comment

Road map:

  1. there is a list of services in which detailed information is written.
  2. the user must go to one of the service pages and send a comment
  3. this comment should be moderated
  4. after the release, it should be published on the same page from which the user wrote the comment.

There will be many such pages with comments, so I want to clarify:
how to create such a form so that it would publish a comment only on the page from which the comment was sent.

I understand that it needs to be solved with the help of zapier but i never try this .

Maybe you have better options or can you tell me which way is better to make my script.
Appreciate for every helpful comment.

There are drop-in solutions that do exactly that. is one example.

unfortunately this option is not suitable. Because Disqus has its own interface, and in my project comments should be posted via cms