Custom JS solution for adding comment functionality

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I’m not sure whether I chose the right “category” to post in but since it’s made of custom JS code…

Like many people I’m looking for a way to implement comment functionality for my blog. I found this “tutorial”: which basically uses the webflow CMS and JS - nothing more.

As of now I’m not knowledgeable enough to implement this myself and I’m aware of the fact that it uses up CMS items when people comment.
But I would love to hear an informed opinion on whether this is a viable solution. Of course Disqus is an alternative but that one is non GPDR compliant and basically doing data mining.
I looked through lots of forum entries and found one that uses Zapier - so that’s on the list as well. But basically all of the other ones I found are not free of charge - which is understandable from a business perspective. But for a new blog paying at least 4€/month for the occasional comment (if you want to stay GDPR compliant) seems to be going a bit overboard.

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@_Max - Since Webflow does not have a commenting function for external visitors you would need to custom build that functionality with a bunch of tools (most are paid) or custom code and a server, or find a Webflow APP that does it. There are also plenty of open source tools for blogging that include commenting features.

Check out Made in Webflow for some ideas.

If you’re doing public, anonymous commenting, you could likely build a crude solution using Logic, but it would be bare bones ( no replies, no voting, no profiles ) and you’d be manually auditing the spam.

@webdev Yes, exactly, that was my point. Since I plan on staying on webflow I will take a look at those apps again. Thanks for pointing them out.

@memetican Precisely - that’s why I posted the youtube link (see above) because this is such a “crude” option which seems to work well and I would love to hear someone’s opinion on it.