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Hover transition not working on button

Here’s my site.

The button starts off purple, but then the background colour of the button should transition to black as you hover over it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It just skips the transition all together. (I have the transition set to 2000ms at the moment for testing purposes and it still transitions instantly.)

Any help is appreciated, Cheers

Somehow, the click interaction on the button is overriding the CSS hover state. (I think that shouldn’t be happening)

Do I have to report the bug elsewhere to notify the devs?

No, that shouldn’t be necessary.

@cyberdave Is this a bug? Transform transition set by interaction (JS) is overriding the background-color transition for hover state (CSS).

Just discovered something similar…

When I load the page, the hover transition on the nav links “About” and “Contact” don’t work. But if I click and go to the contact page, and then return to the main menu, they suddenly work again?

This is very confusing.

Hey @samliew,

Is there any news on this problem?
Feel free to check out my site and hover over the nav links straight away.

Cheers, Paul

I suggest removing the interaction until Webflow staff can take a look at this.

Alright. It’s a shame it has to go, but oh well. If anyone else has a temporary fix, let me know please.

Also, It’s not an interaction, I’m talking about the hover transitions.

Cheers, Paul

Yes, but the interaction style is overriding the transition style.

Hi @Paulie thank you so much for your patience and understanding, we’re looking into this issue right now, I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information!

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