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Hover text effect

Hi, I wanted to add an effect for the text. In the “transition” drop-down list, only 4 options are available.

. Tell me please what am I doing wrong? There are many more options on this link Quick way of doing letterspacing animation with onclick interations? image .

No the list is just being hidden by the bottom of the browser window :grinning:

I do not see the “typography” section and the “letter spacing”

I see what you mean. Post your read-only link so I can see what you’re seeing.

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here is the link

hi @hol1231
Working as expected for me here.

Are you working on chrome ?


The browser “CHROME” does not support all functions?
In which browser do you work?

Chrome and Safari offers full support for Webflow. SO if you’re using Chrome you’re ok. @zbrah wanted to make sure of that I think.

(FYI Chrome offers an extra feature in the form of a Chrome Extension.

This extension activates the color picket in the color dialog)

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Thanks to everyone who helped :smile:

Yes exactly. Did you managed to make it work @hol1231 ?

Yes, now I work in Safari :grinning:

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