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Hover States unable to be selected


Wondering if anyone can help.

Recently took over this website from someone previous and as I’m trying to work around it, I need to change the hover states on the image mosaic. but after checking almost all the divs and elements on this part of the page, I’m still unable to select these. I know they’re there as when page is published they appear, but are near unable to be found in design view.


Here is my public share link:*
(how to access public share link)

Hi @GotoTaylor

You gave us your site link, to give me a good look at what your project looks like I need to see your public share link.
Here is how: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link



Very sorry about that.

You can find the public view here.

Hi @GotoTaylor, thanks for the link. I took a look at the mosaic tiles on the home page, but I did not see any hover states. Are you referring to the overlay with text?

If not, could you take a screenshot, what element you are referring to?

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