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Hover Over Stops Entire Interactions ? Need URGENT HELP!

Hi, I’m almost finished with a customer’s site which is looks and work very good, i think but I’ve made mistake in Products Page.

There are some link blocks loading from right in orderly fashion. But when you hover over them while they are loading it stops moving to origin. I do not know that I did wrong. Hope someone helps.

I’ve created a video for the issue ;

Site Link :
Share Only Link :

Try to set to .portfolioContainerLeft2 overflow option: hidden

that didnt help. you can see it from the site link.

Sorry, initially misunderstood your question.

This problem occurs because the page load interraction is interrupted by the hover interraction.

Try to place a invisible div above .portfolioContainerLeft2 with a lager z-index (this will prevent work the page load interraction).

And when page load — hide this invisible div.

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sometime simplest solutions doesnt come to mind. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. It was helpful and solved the problem. You can see it if you want.

Again thanks so much.

added div and made it disappear at the end of last interaction and voila!

Glad to help you :v:️:blush:

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