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Need help with modal hover interaction build

Hi Guys,

Here is my link to a website I’ve been building for the last week. If I did not have a deadline coming up soon. I wouldn’t bother you and figure it out myself.

In the link, you will see a gallery section which blurs when you hover over and a lightbox element inside a div appears but when you try to click the lightbox element it disappears. Can someone give me some ideas to fix it?

*all brand name, other lines and photos are for demonstration purposes.

2nd PS: I welcome any design input about the overall website(starting point was stripe)

Published Link

Webflow Link

I don’t understand the above…

For me… the selecting the Gallery option is not an issue.

It does what I expect it to do… unless I’m not understanding something.

This image / design… I like.

I think the site looks nice… could use a little work / cleanup… but definitely not a bad job.

What kind of clean up? Can you make specific suggestions?

Also, corrected the quoted part of my original post. hope it is clear know.

Here is a record of it.

It’s more of a personal touch.

For me… the site is too “in your face”.
I prefer a more subtle approach. Keep in mind… I think the site looks really nice though.

A more subtle look might include (Gallery)… dimming the images until you mouse over.
52 AM

A mouse over would “bring the image to life”.

Currently - mouse over displays a message about “clicking on an image”… that you cannot click on.

The Gallery slide in affect needs to be smoother.

The video in Let’s Talk is not great. It’s way to blurry. It doesn’t tell me anything. It’s doesn’t add to the story.
41 AM

The flip in How It Works… could be nicer.

41 AM

I would change the footer to contrasting.
28 AM

And even though I like the background image… it’s not subtle.

Thank you so much for your detailed response.

The site is not finished. I’m waiting for some images and videos from my customer which includes Landbot background video(it’s just a placeholder, I didn’t choose it).

After I finish it, I’ll showcase it, hopefully.

And I agree with the SITE BEING TOO ON YOUR FACE. Dimming the gallery would be a helpful step, I guess.