Hover — How do I return to initial state?

Working on a timed animation where the button goes to 0% opacity when hovered on and a text box goes to 100% while overing over the button.

It works perfectly except when I hover out the button remains at 0 and the text box remains at 100. I want them to go back to the state they were in before I hovered over them.

Any Help? In am getting frustrated.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi there :slight_smile: Can you please provide your share link to your project?

SOLVED! Thanks for the help

So when you hover over the red dot for #3 test box all 7 of the dots go to 0 opacity and the text box #3 becomes visible.

but when you hover out all the dots stay at invisible and the text block stays visible. I want things to return to the state before I hovered over the red dot.

Problem Solved! I had the hover out state as “start as initial” which caused all my problems!