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Hover function inquiry

Hello Webflow forum,

I am here looking for some direction.

I created buttons in Illustrator and exported them as PNG files into Webflow.

I am having issues with ‘on hover out’ using the timed animation to transition out of invert hover.

My intention is to have the buttons invert on hover, and return to original format on hover out.

These are the steps I have taken below:

  • Select Interactions’ under ‘Mouse Hover’
  • Select ‘On Hover’, select ‘Custom Animation > Start an Animation’
  • Select ‘New Timed Animation + > Style > Filter’
  • Select ‘Filter’, select ‘Color Effects > Invert’

This is where I am. With ‘on hover out’, I have tried what I can interpret with no success.

I am looking for some direction for the next step. I could not find videos to articulate this.

Your direction is appreciated.

Thank you,


Can you share your read only link?