Interactions duplicate the hover in and hover out timed animation

I am having trouble creating an effect to make an icon appear and disappear when hovering over another object. It works for the “on hover” effect, but when I try to enter the information for the “hover out”, it has already duplicated the information that was used for the “on hover”. If I delete that, it deletes the information above that was supposed to be used for “on hover”. It is as if the two are locked in a linked state.

Has anyone had this problem?

Here is my read only link:

Hi Jon! I was able two create two separate interactions without issue, so let’s go over the steps quickly. When you go to add your Hover Out animation, make sure you’re selecting this icon to create a brand-new interaction, and give it a new name that differs from the Hover In animation. If you’re following these steps and still having issues, let me know!


Thank you Chris. I got this to work.

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Awesome! Glad to hear it.