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Hover effects not showing in Preview


I’m new to Webflow, which I’m enjoying very much. I have a question about the first website I’m building here that I’ve been unable to resolve.

I’ve set up Hover effects for a series of Link Block items on a particular page (Holiday Pinboard). These effects are all working fine in the Designer editing panel, but when switching to Preview mode, or Publishing the site, the hover effects are not visible.

I’m unable to find out why these aren’t working, so any advice would be helpful.

Many thanks

Here is my public share link:

Looks like the interaction that fades the cards in is causing that issue. I turned it off on one card and your hover action worked.
Also noticed that the text blurs when it hovers, perhaps something like this might help?

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }
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Thanks @GourmetPixel, I didn’t realise you couldn’t combine Interactions and Transformations in Webflow, so that’s useful to know. I guess I need to stick to either one or the other in future.

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