Hosting with fasthosts

Hey folks. I keep having to turn down work because people don’t want to come away from their original hosts, which I can understand. I can also understand why Webflow wants people to sign up to their own hosting options. But, for circumstances like the one below where it throws up possible security issues and has a search facility on the existing site that needs to link up to the original host, how easy is it to make code accessible? The customer does coding themselves and just wants me to design then make it available for them to code into the original site/host? (thier message below)

The tool is written in ASP.NET which is great to match up to HTML. I am good at working with HTML script and integrating the ASP.NET code. Good at code/data just a dreadful website designer!

I am currently hosted on Fasthosts and would be very difficult to move away due to the database. I know if I host on a different supplier to the database, it throws security issues and the database is too large >5Gbyte to also move to another provider. I am stuck with them! In reality, I just need the HTML and CSS. Is this a problem for you?

Forgive the poor phrases and terminology due to lack of inexperience. I am still learning code at the moment.

Many Thanks.

I am not sure what your question is exactly. Care to clarify?

Hey! Apologies for the delay in getting to you. I’m sure it will be too late now. I got my first job and have been trying to bring things together. Panic stations!

But it was for work I was offered. Someone refused to host with Webflow and just wanted me to build the website on webflow and code it across. I just wondered if others have done this or not. I had no experience in doing this.

The customer is going to code it across himself once I do the designs.

Thanks for your reply though.

Also if you receive this, I wondered if you offered any one-to-one tutorials? I would pay of course. I’m trying to learn everything myself and it gets a bit much. The one thing in particular(among many) I am really struggling on is responsiveness on sites. Let me know if you have time to get back to me.

Thanks a million.