Hosting two Webflow sites on the same domain with the second site in a subfolder

Hi @tylervallely just saw your note, and yes we were able to accomplish what you are looking to do hosting multiple sites using same top-level domain and redirecting to subfolders.

We pointed our main domain to an empty AWS EC2 with Apache web server. Then in Apache we set up redirecting for all sites based on the url and subfolder. You can redirect your TLD / www traffic also to a Webflow site. These can be multiple Webflow sites or can be a combination of Webflow, Bubble, Wordpress, etc. Pointing the top level domain to AWS EC2 will give you full control over routing traffic. -> AWS EC2 -> Webflow -> AWS EC2 -> Webflow -> AWS EC2 -> Bubble/Wordpress/etc

In the example above, by using AWS EC2 the public and search engines will only see the subfolders and not the subdomains. You will need to make sure to set up canonical tags and site maps correctly.

I’m not expert in Apache, but it should be easy. Here is some Apache documentation. A devops engineer should be able to assist.

If you do go this route, note that any subfolder sites hosted on Webflow you won’t be able to use the automatic sitemap generator since Webflow will use the wrong urls.