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Integrate Adobe Animation (HTML5 code) into Webflow

As an old Flash guy (who left several years ago). Apparently Adobe has regenerated the product in Adobe Animation. The bottom line is that it Outputs to HTML5 code. The question is can I generated something in Adobe Animate and Embed it into a Div or Like container and have it to work?

There is already an Embed component… Look for it at the bottom of the list.

Hi. I’m trying to do this also. I have published an animation as a HTML file and a Javascript file. What should the code be on the embed widget and do I need to host the 2 files on dropbox or something?

Thanks a lot

Depending on the size of the files, you can either:

  • paste them in-line using an embed component or several, as the maximum size for each is 5000 characters, or
  • host them externally and use custom code to load and initialize them. There are tutorials on how to include externally hosted files on this forum, so search for them.

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