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Hosting a webflow project to a client's server

Hi all,

i hope everyone is doing well. One of my clients is asking how to host the webflow project i just completed for them to their own servers. Does anyone know how i can do this?

Many thanks.

If you’re using the CMS or Ecommerce functionality you will need to keep the site hosted with Webflow. As it works now, these features are tied directly with the Webflow hosting, however you can always export your data and integrate a third-party CMS/Ecommerce platform to the static code that’s exported.

If you’re just using a static site, you can export the project (which will give you a zip of the HTML, CSS and JS) and upload it wherever you’d like.

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Thanks a lot much appreciate your reply.

Have a lovely evening

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You can export the site using flowhub automated to github :), its free.

Join this discord FlowHub to use it before it comes out officially.

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