Horizontal site

Hello, I created a horizontal scroll website but I am having trouble making the backgrounds fade in and out.

What I would like to happen is have the background color in each section fade in/out as it comes in/out of view. How do I accomplish this?

Here’s the link to the site.


(site is not finished obviously)

Also is there a way to make the scroll fixed? By that I mean every time the user scrolls, it scrolls to each section one by one.

Hey there @AndresPC

This should be of nice help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcA1oMy9S7w (section fade in and out)



I appreciate the response @MichaelS but the problem when I do that interaction is; the offset does not work, I assume its because the interaction was built for vertical not horizontal, my page is horizontal scrolling. Is there any other way to accomplish this?

anyone else that can help me with this?