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Horizontal Scroll Across Page

Hi everyone,

This may well be possible but I am yet to find anything on it. Is it possible to create not a horizontal scrolling website but an aspect of the page where you can scroll horizontally. An example would be like dribbble where you can scroll horizontally on the designers artwork? My goal is to make it so they can click and drag almost or swipe the track pad to scroll across.

I have tried it with the overflow but it shows the scroll bar at the bottom and doesn’t look good. I am trying to do this for a blog to scroll through the posts.

Thanks! Really appreciate any help!

Here’s my Shared Link:

Here’s my Published Link:

This is the good approach. Now you can google how to add custom code to hide the scrollbars.

What “doesn’t look good” means?

Thanks Vincent. I will look into it.

My problem is that you cant click and drag it.

To make that good, you need a bit of css and js but that’s very doable.

I’ll give this a shot. That’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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