Horizontal scroll interaction causes horizontal scroll overflow issues

Hey guys,

I have build a horizontal scroll interaction on my portfolio website to showcase my projects.

Sadly this causes the other kind of horizontal scroll (the one that creates a white bar on the right of the whole website)

Normally this is fixed by setting overflow hidden on the section or putting the whole website in a overflow hidden wrapper but then the horizontal scroll interaction breaks.

This issue doesn’t show up in the preview mode but only in the live website: www.wentzelmedia.com

I’m stuck on this horizontal scroll paradox, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Thomas,

got the same problem here!
were you able to fix it?

Maybe someone here can take a look at my page:

I’m currently trying to design a ‘coming soon’ page, which should be easy actually :smiley:

Any help guys? Still can’t figure it out :open_mouth: