Horizontal scrolling for no reason!

Hi everyone! Im tyring to remove the little horizontal scrolling that happens on this website when viewed on mobile. I’ve tried putting all sections at 100% or Auto, and cannot understand why it’s happening!!

Here’s the share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/andys-dynamite-project-bde8dd?preview=8268445608ba97fcd07989867fd0816a

Here’s the live link:http://andys-dynamite-project-bde8dd.webflow.io/

Also now i dont understand why I cant scroll when viewing it with the google chrome inspect

Thanks for the help :hugs:

@Andy2 please post a live link because i don’t see any issue in the editor

Oh here: http://andys-dynamite-project-bde8dd.webflow.io/

Also just noticed that I cant scroll???

Thanks for your help!

@Andy2 you cannot scroll on mobile because you set the overflow to hidden

@Andy2 and i don’t see any scroll horizontal scroll bar what browser are you looking through

Wow thanks I forgot that I set it to hidden to see why I was having the horizontal scroll problem. Thanks! I just changed it!

@Andy2 you never want to set the body overflow to hidden unless you doing a custom scroll or webgl or canvas style site, you overflow hidden on elements such as section and divs to keep stuff from overflowing out of there container.

I’m using chrome right now, but it also happen in the editor when the size is set to something larger than the smallest breakpoint. I thought it was the navbar but its not :frowning:!

@Andy2 looking at it now

@Andy2 It is your contact form padding causing your issue

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@Andy2 on your contact form container remove the 8px padding from both sides

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Awesome you found the problem! Thanks a lot! I wanted to have some sort of padding so we can see the section background. So I left the padding on the container but set the section to overflow:hidden and it worked!

Thanks a lot @Poliigon, I’ve been trying to solve this for the past hour!

@Andy2 no problem but you have to keep in mind that by the time they are on a small screen that size there is not enough space. unless you make the forms itself a little smaller.

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