Horizontal Scroll Loading Issue

Hello everyone, I am dealing with an odd issue with a horizontal scroll. Basically every time the page loads the content on the horizontal scrollable section doesn’t appear. You have actually start scrolling in order to see it. It works fine on preview mode but it doesn’t when it’s published.

I double-checked the scrolling animation and it looks fine, the image I used is very wide (but it’s only a few kB) so I thought that maybe it’s because of that, so I divided the picture into small sections and uploaded them but the problem is still there.

Unfortunately, I can’t share my website because there are some sensible data I can’t share. I made a video showing the issue. I hope that’s enough.


Hi everyone, it looks like no one is able to help me, anyway, I found out that the problem is not presenting only when the tab is selected to be default. I do need this tab to be the latest and not the first to show.

I hope that someone could help me.


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