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Horizontal scroll controlled by arrow button

Hi everyone!

I’ve created a horizontal scroll section that is working the way I want it for mobile. For desktop I feel like I need to add arrow buttons on the sides of my slide/horizontal section for those without horizontal scroll function on their mouse/trackpad.

This could probably be done by using Webflows slider function, but I want the scrolling to be fluid and not limited to one slide every swipe.

My first thought was to link a 200 px animation to the left (same widht as one slide) with the button but that didn’t work since there always has to be a specific starting point.

I’m very new to Webflow and web design so this horizontal section I’ve created (by looking at other similar projects) might not be created the correct way. I’m very open to tips about creating this the right way, all I know is that I want fluid scroll on mobile.

I hope I’ve explained what I want to create and I hope even more that someone can help me.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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