Horizontal scroll on button click

Hello Webflow world,

this is probably very simple but I want to be able to click the arrow and the section scroll all the way to the right horizontally. I can’t find any answers in the forum.

this is in page “Movies Template” right before the footer in tablet and phone mode.

read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/cinepr?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=cinepr&preview=61d30a4a6cf99219596fc3fd2c70045e&pageId=5ce67cead716610082a7b664&itemId=5ceb34938cdd0a44e42f6a29&mode=preview

Dear Steven_Joel,

you have to use LightBox component , in order to get that effect image scroll effect with arrow.

I Hope I answered what your were looking for.


other way would be to use Slider Component and Light box thumnails inside slider… that will give you left arrow at the start of images and right arrow at the end of the images.

lightbox would work except these images are links and I don,t want to display the images full screen.

slider component does not work well with CMS items and each image is a link to a CMS page. the slider would scroll one section at a time and I would like it to scroll all the way to the end with one click.

Hey @Steven_Joel Did you manage to solve this? Thank you!

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