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Horizontal Scroll Animation, 1st section scrolls correctly, next identical sections dont scroll horizontally

Hey friends,

I animated (made interaction) a sticky horizontal scroll bar and it’s a section. I successfully animated the 1st section, then I copy/pasted to replicate the section i just created, but somehow the other copied/pasted sections don’t scroll horizontally, i don’t know why, they have the same elements, classes and interactions, i literally just copied and pasted the finished 1st section correctly but doesnt work with next sections

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you share a read only link?

Hey friend! Thanks for answering! :smiley:

Oh right, here it is: Joker Landing Page Read Only

By the way, I copied the section from this project which i cloned it, maybe could help with more information:

Project from which I cloned the section

I must confess I am fairly new to Webflow but I think it is great to see all the sites and learn. One thing I noticed was the on load animation “bouncing hero image” was on all the menu-sections? Perhaps this animation needs to be in its own section? Just a thought.

It’s configured like that because i don’t need the same boucing effect on every image :), but nice thought tho, anyways i can still use that animation for other images as well, cheers!