Horizontal Navigation In-Page Scrolling

Hey Everyone!

I feel like my request is pretty simple. In desktop view, my in page anchor scrolling will not work, which I’m assuming is because of having a 100% height navbar because it works in the other views. Any ideas how to work around this?

Thank you!

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Hi there,

Did you ever get this issue fixed?

Sadly no. It seems if I have it link to a section underneath the section I want to show, it will work? Not completely sure because I’m a tad busy on another project. Im thinking about creating two separate navigations, one for desktop and one for the rest. Not my preferred solution unless you can think of something.

If you want I can take a look and offer a solution. But my initial thought is, you need to move that side menu block out of the section. If it stays inside the same wrapper it’s going to be linking to itself - if that makes sense.

Would you mind taking a look at it? It might have to do with the scroll offset. I don’t know for sure. The middle link links to the next section, but the bottom link links to the Contact Form Title. Maybe I need to recreate it without the special navbar div?


Just looked at it for you. Yep, you had it set up incorrectly. First, you have all the styles and linking set up on the ‘actual’ component. Wrap these in a separate Div and then set it.

Then, your sidebar and main content needs its own Div and separate positioning.

I’m doing a quick video for you to follow, then you’ll be all set bud :grin: One sec… Here ya go.