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Fixed Side Nav won't scroll content

Hi All, I am making a styleguide type website

I have a fixed left navigation menu.

the Links within the side will grow and need to scroll whilst keeping the side nav itself (and logo at top) fixed.

I’ve tried many combos of overflows etc and can’t get the links within to scroll.

I have added loads of test links to the sidebar for testing purposes.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

Try this. This will scroll the entire sidebar. If you want ONLY the links to scroll, you just need to give the two containers specific heights, with the height of this element being 100vh. You had it set to “auto”, so it was just stretching to contain all elements, which obviously left many of them off screen.

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Beautiful! Thanks so much! Worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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