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Horizontal scrolling navigation

Hi there,

I want to create horizontal scrolling elements like the ones on the Apple site (viewed on mobile)

Does anyone know how this could be achieved?


I think this can be done by using a div with a fixed width and having the elements inside it set to a larger width and making the parent container overflow: scroll. Never tried it but that seems to be how it might be done. @sabanna anything to add?

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Hello guys @PiXL3 and @DFink .

Yes, there is an element menu with overflow-x: hidden and overflow-y: auto.
But their menu structure created by list of links and yet there are buttons which activate horizontal scrolling, some sort of slider.

So it will be not easy to re-create similar menu… but possible.


Hi. Sorry for the late reply.

We will try this. Thanks!

This will give you an idea Purecss

Hey @AntonioBalderas

How do implement this in Webflow?

HI there,

If anyone can show me a walkthrough including how the custom code is formatted, I’d really appreciate it. :smile:
I’ve done lots of reading but I’m struggling.


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