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Horizontal clickflow / switching pages (no scrolling !) question

hey there,

before u guys tell me I can do this with the Slider, I know, but it doesnt work like I want it to work.
Ive been aksing before but nobody could really help me on this, maybe I did not tell enough details.

vertical wise I get that one going but not horizontal
so, Is it possible to build something like that ?:

  • a Website which consists of like five pages (each has different content)
  • just one clickflow, from page 1 to page 5, step by step (like from 1 left to 5 right)
  • each page should move from right to left after the user clicked
  • the user can only switch to the next page by - pushing one button - nothing else
    Important: no scrolling, no navbar, no nothing, just that button that leads to the next page

so far the only solution I was told and figured out, was the slider, which doenst really work for me since:
I cant delete the navbar (making it invisble might be a way but…)
I cant get my own button make the pages switch (horizontal doesnt seem to work)

But what? All the nav elements of the slider can be styled with custom code or in Webflow, the next arrow can become your “next” button, and the whole thing would behave like in your description. And it would be the most easiest way to do it.

BUT you said no to say it so… :smiley:

What you describe can be done with IX1 or IX2. a series of section, 2 to 5 shifted to the right, appearing one by one after the click of a button. As there is no scroll into each section, there’s no further issue of scrolling all the sections or just one etc. So it would be an animation of 5 section inside of 1 page.

But if you want animation between 5 different page, it will not at all be possible using Webflow. This would require DOM rewriting and this is not yet possible with WF.

The 2 first solution, slider and IX, should work great. Sorry I said “slider” again…

slider slider slider slider


Im not the über pro, but unused code making invisible isnt the most elegant way ?

maybe Im not experienced enough, but I didnt manage the arrows to sit where I want em and design em how I want em… maybe I should look at it again !? :stuck_out_tongue:

Elegance if for things you see :slight_smile: Masking tiny nav element with display properties isn’t a bad practice nor dirty in any way.

Maybe I help you! I’m all for a challenge…

I propose that you start building it and give me a sharing link so I can try taking control of the nav element.

thank u for offering me ur help !

Im just trying to get that done myself. if Im not goin to get it work, I will come back to u.

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