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Slider without arrows and navigation inside


I made my first steps in webflow by trying to build up a simple portfolio for an artist. I thougth everything is possible with webflow but now I wonder that some elements are prebuilt and it seems that there is no way to change it …


  1. Slider: it is prebuilt with arrors and bullet-navigation inside the container which disturb the image to be shown.

I dont want the arrows and the navigation inside of the picture. I learned how I can make the navigation-elements invisible. But the user will miss the navigation then …

I want to put the arrow(s) next to the picture on the left and right side, but using different and smaller ones then. The navigation in my project should be very little under the artwork, with, for example very little bullets or even better an image-counter: 1/5 … 2/5 etc.

Is there any possibility to adapt these wishes into the prebuild slider?

Is there any other possibility to link some pictures horizontally like in a slider and combine it with a navigation?