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Hello. I purchased a template. I edited the homepage banner picture and the title. I cannot seem to find where the slideshow is or text to edit and add more pictures to the homepage. Please advise! Thanks

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Here is my public share link: http://dream-2f6574.webflow.io/
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That share link is not correct.


Apologies! and Thank You!!!

So first of all, to select the different slides, navigate to the Hero Slider element.

Then you can navigate through the slides by opening the settings panel and clicking the arrows, or add a slide by clicking the add slide button.

You have set a background image to elements with the Slider Overlay class, so you will need to remove that and set the appropriate background images on each slide.

Select the Slider Overlay element and remove the background image.

Then to add a background image to each slide, open each slide nested under the Mask element and change the background image for each.

To easily change the text on each slide, just cycle through the visible slides (as shown above) and double click on the text element in the designer.

Hope that helps.

More info on sliders here: https://help.webflow.com/topic/sliders

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I will try this! Thank so MUCH!!!

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