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Hiding/Unhiding Buttons with Text Blocks

I followed a guide of hiding/unhiding texts that correlate to text showing but for some reason it’s not working properly for me.

When i click ‘hide’ it doesn’t bring back the original button and the text remains there instead of hiding it again.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - about

Which guide did you follow?

If you have not seen this, the Webflow University show/hide tutorial is excellent.

Hey - this is actually exactly what I followed. The only difference was the video is using a div block with text where as i was trying to make the same effect work but with buttons. I thought i did it correctly and when I look over it i’m thinking the problem comes down to the ‘hide’ part but i’m not sure why it’s not working

aha i figured it out, instead of making two buttons, i just did two different text in one button!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing the solution.