Hiding pages in main locale and keeping them in secondary locales


I have a website in English as main locale. I also have a Ukrainian localization where I’d like to have pages for that market only. How do I create such pages just for the Ukrainian locale. Or how do I create it in English locale and hide (to keep visible only in Ukrainian locale)?

Yes I have not found any native support for locale-only content or pages.
Plus, you’d have complexities around navigation, the sitemap, href lang links, and site search.

This can all be done with a reverse proxy, but likely that’s not worth the build cost and complexity.

I’d avoid trying to make the page disappear, and go for a simpler strategy- build the EN page, and then use custom CSS to display a message “this page only exists in Ukrainian, click here to view”, essentially a soft 404.

You can use CSS constructions like div.en-only:lang(en) { ... } to apply language-specific styling.

Alternatively you could just redirect the page in site redirects, but if someone lands there accidentally, they’ll suddenly be language-switched.