Localization - element visibility

Hi all,
I’m a new webflow user exploring if I should subscribe to the localization feature.

It is mentioned in webflow university that “Your design (i.e., layout of elements and components) is determined by your primary locale. You cannot add or remove elements or components while in a secondary locale. Additionally, any localization changes you make in a secondary locale will only affect that secondary locale.”

I am interested to have a Section with some jQuery code in a page to show up only in the Secondary locale and not on the Primary locale. .

I see that webflow also mentions that “While all elements and components in secondary locales are inherited from the primary locale, you can localize the page presentation for a secondary locale using element visibility”

Seems that we can only turn elements on or off in the Secondary locale and not the Primary locale.
Thus I am wondering if what I want to achieve is possible with the Localization feature?

Appreciate any advice.

I’m curious where you read this, I’ve not seen this feature so I’m suspecting it Enterprise-only along with localized styles.

If you’re using Enterprise, you would control visibility by setting the default style to hidden, and change it to visible on the locales you want.

Styles alone would not suppress custom code, the feature would either need to exist under Settings Visibility & user access, or else you’d need another approach.

The easy approach is to have the jQuery on all pages, and just run it on pages which are set to the locale you want;

if (document.documentElement.lang.startsWith('fr')) {

  // page is French, run the script. 


Thanks @memetican for your reply.

This was mentioned here: Localize content and styles - Webflow University Documentation

We are definitely not on Enterprise. And at the current moment, only looking at 2 locales. Do you know if we can implement some form of visibility on the Advanced plan?
Bascially, we are trying to show a interactive “price calculator” on the Secondary locale which will not be available(hidden) in the Primary locale.

Thanks again for your advice.